Portable Sound

Should you require a portable, battery powered sound system, we have a couple of options suitable to specific needs. These are proven quality systems that last the time. The highly compact but powerful wedding and outdoor events system is from the Focus range and is very versatile and flexible. Sounds and looks great.

Mini Portable Amplifier – $45

This mini ‘Loudhailer’ has surprising grunt and long battery life. Ideal for outdoor activites, meetings and teaching, camps, etc. It includes a lapel wireless microphone (not in image), aux in and digital USB player.

  • 1 handheld speaker
  • 1 lapel cordless mic
  • 1 additional corded mic on request
  • 1 iPod / Laptop connecting lead on request

Mobile AV/PA System –  $90

If the budget is a bit tight, this portable speaker system is the answer. Stacked with features, it offers decent sound and battery life. Plus, you can play DVD’s, run slideshows, play mp3 music from a USB drive and connect videos to a screen or projector. Perfect for speeches , trade shows, fitness events and many other portable sound requirements.

  • Speaker in suitcase stye with pull out handle and wheels for easy transport
  • 2 x corded mics
  • iPod / Laptop Connecting Lead
  • DVD Player, CD/CD-R/RW and MP3, DivX Compatible
  • 1 USB Flash Drive input
  • Video, S Video, Optical Output
  • Speaker Stand (on request)
  • Remote Control (on request)

Wedding Ceremony & Outdoor Events – Portable PA – $150.00

This portable PA is ideal for Wedding ceremonies, speeches, events and outdoor areas where there is no power. It's a great sounding commercial grade system and very easy to use. Can connect an iPod/Laptop to this unit or play  a CD as well. It's very versatile and lightweight. Ideal for up to 100 people.

  • 2 speakers in carry bags
  • 2 speaker stands
  • Cordless Handheld mic AND Lapel mic
  • 1 corded microphone
  • Connecting leads for iPod or Laptop
  • CD Player built in
  • USB Connection