Laser Lighting

Laser Lights are a great effect to add to your next party. Pair them with a smoke machine and the beams the Laser Lights create will fill the room. Laser Lights are great on their own or add them to some disco lights for a spectacular display!

Coloured Laser – $45 per night (Comes in Green, Red, Blue or Pink)

Lasers are a funky way of making your party a little different. Single line patterns which can be set to be music activated or held on a single pattern. Add a smoke machine to see the full effect of these awesome lasers.

Multi Effects Blue & Green Laser – $55 per night

This laser has to be seen to be appreciated! With hundreds of stars and swirl patterns it moves to the beat of the music with a bright Green and Blue Laser creating a tunnel effect. Guaranteed to impress!

Twin Green & Red Laser – $55 per night

Double the effect! This fantastic laser is Red and Green with it’s brigh beams and different shapes it moves around when the music is on. Watch the patterns and colours intertwine. Add smoke to create the ultimate effect!

Green & Red Fireworks/Cosmos Laser – $55 per night

If you’re looking for a Cosmos type of effect, this dual green and red laser is the way to go. Picks up on the beat and reacts accordingly. Great effects!

RGB Firefly Laser – $55 per night

A red, green and blue laser with entertaining 3D tunnel effects. Simple mode switch between auto rotate and sound active whereby the laser becomes beat reactive and only moves on the beat of the music.

Red & Green Fireworks with Blue LED Laser Light – $55 per night

Much the same pattern as the Green & Red Fireworks/Cosmos Laser but a slightly smaller laser. The laser includes an LED blue light giving a blue wash effect. Excellent for home parties/ smaller venues.