Effects Lighting

Disco lights are the perfect way to make your event stand out! It will create an awesome atmosphere for your event. Disco Lights are great for parties, stage shows, DJ’s, corporate events and catwalk events. Contact one of experienced sales staff who can help put together the right lighting package for you.

LED Par Can – $30 per night

If you are looking to light up a stage, or want to highlight a particular area then Par Cans are great. The LED versions can be set to one colour, they are music activated they can be programmed to run through a series of colours and throw out hardly any heat. The cost is per Par Can

LED Par Can - Effects Lighting at Party Direct

LED Stage Par Can – $40 per night

These Par Cans are somewhat brighter than our standard cans. Many features including sound active, auto rotate, fades and colour specific. And many applications from classic disco to stage lighting and wall-washing.

1500W Strobe Light – $45 per night

Create amazing effects with this great strobe light which is ideal for dance and garage music. This strobe omits pure white light which flashes and is speed controlled. This is a monster strobe, guaranteed to impress!

LED Multi-function Strobe - $45 per night

This is an amazing LED strobe in that it comes with a controller so the brightness and speed can be controlled remotely. Multiple functions include speed and brightness variation, chase and beat reaction, This is one cool strobe!

400W Blacklight – $45 per night

Step back in time and enjoy the disco era all over again! This light is great for illuminating white clothing. Makes everyone look really groovy! The power of this light will amaze you because it’s so bright and great fun.

Par Can Package – $99 per night

Any 4 PAR56 or PAR64 cans on a T bar stand are all you need to light up your stage. Ideal
for bands, performers, catwalk shows or simply lighting up an area. Choose from LED or traditional coloured gels or leave them white.

PAR64 Can Wall-Wash Package – $115 per night

These 4 par cans attached to turtle feet can be set to a high range of colours and are ideal to create that wall-wash effect at weddings, corporate events, etc. Great package deal.