Disco Lighting

Disco lights are the perfect way to make your event stand out! It will create an awesome atmosphere for your event. Disco lights are great for parties, stage shows DJ's, corporate events and Hire a disco & mirrorball set at Party Direct for catwalk events. Contact one of our experienced sales staff who can help put together the right lighting package for you.

LED Night Sun - $15 per night

This light has an LED Moon Flower / Twin Flower patterned effect. Good beam strength for a smaller light and this light is sound activated / beat reactive. Great for kid's parties or to add to a lighting mix.

LED Gobo Flower - $30 per night

This sound activated LED light is awesome, with bright colours and patterns that jump around to the beat of the music. What's more it's lightweight and easy to hang or position on a light stand.

LED Double Derby - $35 per night

Wow! One of our most popular lights, it projects multi -coloured square shapes over a wide area. Ideal if you are only after one light. No sound needed, lights will spin around without music

LED Hellen - $35 per night

This light is sound activated and great for projecting onto the floor. Watch all the different colours bounce around as your guests dance the night away.

LED Twin Flower - $35 per night

Twin Beams of coloured light that spins around when the music's on. The twin lens creates an awesome effect as they cross and spin around. This is a great light to have pointing down towards the floor. This light is sound activated.

Disco Mirrorball Set - $40 per night

Get back to the 70's with this cool Disco mirror ball, and relive the 70's era! Choose a 12" Silver or Coloured mirror ball, with pin spot and battery motor. For maximum effect these items should be hung at ceiling level.

LED Cosmic Ray - $45 per night

Excellent as a single light for a home party or in the mix as a primary light for a larger event. Add it with an LED Mushroom and/or a laser and you will have a great array of lighting effects. Add a smoke machine and see the light beams burst through the smoke effect. This is sound activated and multi-coloured

LED Hyper Derby - $45 per night

This is similar to the double derby but has the added bonus of being sound activated. Projects multi-coloured square type shapes over a wide area. Ideal for home parties.

LED Derby 11 - $45 per night

Similar to the Cosmic Ray but with a 160 degree coverage angle and slightly gentler motion. Perfect as a single light or in a mix. Sound active, multi-coloured and gets the party going.

LED Mushroom - $45 per night

This versatile light is great for any situation. Ideal for small or large venues - this light will cope easily. Twin lamps spin inside the head unit to send coloured beams of light around the room.

LED Gobo Flower Double - $45 per night

Same as the LED Gobo Flower but get two lights for larger rooms and to add more fun and excitement.

Neo Quadflower - $45 per night

This new sound activated disco light is awesome and has 4 lights which means you can point them in different directions. The circles spin around and there are lights everywhere. Hire by itself or part of a package with other lights, add smoke and you've got the whole deal! It's very popular so book early! Hire a stand for this light for only $10